A film following the life of Chelsea Ziegfeld, New York socialite and Instagram influencer with a following of over 435,000. Shortly after a mental health episode made her close her accounts, she plans to make a comeback to attend the season’s most exclusive party.

My Instagram blends the line between fiction and reality by fabricating a complex, utopian universe and - through a documentary - presenting it as real. All names of characters, events, brands, even filming locations in the film will be entirely a product of fiction, but by blending them with situations and contexts of striking realism, and depicting them in a convincingly tangible form, the film aims to deceive and disorient. This universe is merely as large of a delusion as the life of the character it helplessly carries.



the lower east side

bars & cafes


soho, nyc

shopping destination


phoenicia, new york

stock, ny


industry city, sunset park

beckett marine terminal


tribeca, nyc

dr. david m. newell's office

fictitious elements

Perhaps the main elements of the film, fictitious elements (such as names of places, businesses,
events, people, or objects) make up this fake universe. These are some of the most prominent ones:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 11.53.34 AM.png

the easton orchid card

chelsea’s special credit card. provided by a small credit union in eastern long island, the card is known popular amongst high-profile individuals with low credit ratings as it has extremely high credit limits (with extremely dangerous apr and transfer fees)


stock, ny

chelsea's hometown. shot at phoenicia, ny. skeleton crew will travel upstate by car and follow chelsea walking around her hometown and walking by her house.

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