Nico is just so lonely when he’s with you.

He took the M train to your party last Thursday at 11, got there by 1. He just wanted to say hi.

He wakes up late for work, but he pulls through somehow. He went to your house party. Now he’s at work.

I asked him, quietly, why he never stayed at home. He said the worst thing for his ears was to let his mind do the talking.

Nico hit up Jackson at noon. They met near the baseball field, walked around Hell’s Kitchen. They both are texting friends.

Everyone’s at work and it’s noon. Who wants to hang out at noon in New York anyways? Jackson doesn’t work on Thursdays. Nico should be doing homework.

They walk into a bar, sit for a burger and some beers. Kelly finally texts back. She says come over and so they go. They all hang at her apartment. Nico has another beer or two.

And he’s a lightweight, so he’s fucked up. Not really fucked up, but he’s ecstatic, and he’s not usually ecstatic.

He falls asleep for a hot second, but it’s okay. He’s happy